Jio Giga Fiber Review

Hey Friends welcome to our blog.We’ll be doing the review for the Jio Giga fiber.

I opted for connection of jio giga fiber.I’m gonna share my experience what i liked about it and there are some unique things that i have discovered and I would like to share with you.


And in fact regarding the cost actually the commercial rollout of this Jio fiber hasn’t been done,So it’s on trial basis so monthly there is no bill but to get this installation you have to pay 4500 rupees($63) and you get this router with it and the installation Infact there is no monthly bill as of now and they said to me at least for the next three months it will be free and when the commercial rollout will come then there will be monthly fee of whatever as of now though its afiber the speeds are capped up 200 megabits but after the commercial roll outs they said that you can opt for speed as high as one gigabit.

Jio Giga Fiber experience

What is the experience let me talk about that and let me actually divide it between the pros and cons what i like and one of the thins that i didn’t like and you might have to spend a little bit extra also apart from this for example the good thing i like is it’s actually fiber to home so you’re getting direct fiber to you home unlike many cable providers that give you a internet cable or copper cable a fiber has a lot more banwidth so in during the last one week we can never had a problem about speed both the download speed and the upload speed.Jio needs to improve their routing because with fiber i was expecting Velo pings about 5 to10 milliseconds but as of now i feel routing is not very robust also this is not applicable to most of home users but one LIMITATION that i found with this one is that you’re not getting a proper public IP when u connect up to the internet via this it’s actually an attic address for example the Ip adress u get with this one. from ouside world u cannot pin to it.

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