How To do Weight loss 5 Easy steps:

If you want to lose weight running is a one of the best ways to do it as running burns more calories than any other form of cardio exercise if you have some extra pounds that you want to shed here are 5 tips to help get you started.

1.Get a great pair of running shoes

You need to support your feet well and Running shoes should be comfortable and cushion your feet.They can help you to keep your feet firm while you are doing exercise.

2.See a doctor

See a doctor,first before you start your running regime or any exercise program for that matter this is especially important when you are overweight or have any underlying health problem.

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3.Begin by stretching before your running

It is most important to completely stretch the legs and calf muscles that way you will increase your flexibility and keep you from incurring muscle injuries or strains.

4.Start slowly and regurlarly

Combining running and walking in the first few days are always sensible.You should start off slowly and increase your progress as much as possible without causing injuries to yourself.

5.Get enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in weight loss If you have a poor sleep this changes your fat cells as you have ever noticed if u sleep late and night and get up early u will feel Exhausted,Dazed,Confused your fat cells also do like this only.

If u want to loose weight follow this steps and please take 8 hours of sleep.

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