Do Apple airpods works with android phones

Hey,many people ask the question Do Apple airpods works with android phone.The answer is Yes apple airpods works with android phone.

Recently i have bought the apple airpods from the market and i was having android phone so i was also in doubt that do apple airpods works with android phone but now my doubts are cleared,Apple airpods works fine with android devices.

But their are some features that do not work with android device.

Featured don’t work with android device:

  • SIRI:If u are using android device you will unable to use siri,Because android does not have siri in it.In apple airpods 2  if you connect it with ios device and say “Hey SIRI” siri will recognize your voice and you can do whatever you want.

Adjusting Double tap: If you are using android device you cannot use double tap feature that is you will unable to set play/pause,Next/previous etc.But for this you can do one thing just first connect apple airpods with ios device after that customize the controls and then you can easily experience the features in yours android device as

Single ear detection:If you are android user you can use single airpods also but this feature is limited in ios devices.

Apps that can help you to Get back some functions in your Android device.

1.Air battery: This a app that help you to check your Apple Airpods Battery.It will show you the battery of left airpod right airpods and its case.But in ios this features is inbuilt.You can download this app from play store or we have provided you the link click on the link and download air battery application.

2.Assistant trigger:This application helps you to check the battery level of your airpods and it will also helps you to setup auto ear detection.You can download this app by link given below.

How you can pair Airpods with Android devices:

1.Firstly,Open up your airpods case.

2.Now open your phone Bluetooth settings.


3.Press the button that is placed on backside of your airpods.

4.Now look for your airpods in Bluetooth settings and pair the airpods with Android device.




Now we have got the answer that Do airpods works with Android Devices.Yes airpods work with Android device but some features will not work in android devices But we have given you the links of some application that will helps you to enjoy features in android devices.

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